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Notice Board



Reminder to all members.....


group chat rooms are for chatting in a group and sharing pics and messages with friends as invited or arranged by the room owner, it is there for conversations on a set subject perhaps or just for a bit of privacy from general membership.



There is a maximum amount of rooms we expect a member to keep below though being 6 max please ensure u don't go over this amount as we don't want there to be hundreds of rooms unused it's not fair and meens issues could be caused with the general tech efficancy of the site.



Working together to make this the site it should be for all members..



we are inviting you to have a say or be part of the site improvement team.



Firstly we welcome comments and suggestions off our members, you can do this by instant message to admin or email



secondly we welcome donations of any size, this will help fund the site fees and add more functions and fun extras to the site.



all staff are voluntary and not payed in any way, and some pay for the site costs also, if u feel u would be willing to help fund the site do let admin or dazz know, and we will fast track u to vip and tell u more about how u can do this or help us.



we don't expect you all to do this or even ask u to do this, it is totally up to you, but we do hope some will help.



there is no way the site will fold as far as we see in the near future it will just fast track the improvements and extras.



we thankyou you for being members and making use of the site and hope we have provided you a good experience and service so far.

New... The apparel shop...

yes we have a link for you all to check out , tho it does seem to only deliver to USA at mo sorry.



we do hope to have other options soon for other countries , we did not realise it was restricted , however cool stuff available now ...

you can customise to your liking with many of our own designs or make your own design . Just visit and take a look.








Site Rules and Safety Advice

Rules arrgggghhhh nooooo .

yes I know rules but actually ours are really simple and straight to the point not lots to read and really sensible and smart for your safety and to keep things friendly on the site. We hope no one get offended on this site by keeping to the rules.Note if unsure of a person if they even slightly freak u out or seem a bit odd u feel uncomfortable, u can ask a staff member for advise. you matter to us we want u to feel safe and happy to be here so report it to us we will advice or if needed deal with the issue .Never give out personal details no address or local area, no telling a local destination, don't pass phone contacts or social media as that is a risk and can be an easy way to get into danger. Don't tell school, club, names or give a accurate diary of events. Don't listen to begging or meet with people, if tho u feel a friend is genuine and local tell a parent u want to meet. Only meet in public as a group of friends so go with someone u know well for first meeting in busy area.



firstly No bullying, anyone reported for this will be blocked pending an investigation. It can result in a ban of a length of time decided by the admin so just don't do it.



second keep everything pg. This means language to be polite and non offensive and pics clean so no showing rude stuff or gory stuff we don't want to see gross stuff that might make us puke or to be too rude that the site gets closed down for sure. Site is for 10-18 tho advertised for12-18 we allow from 10 and will be advertising this fact soon. So if u break this the offending post will be removed and a warning given if happens again the staff have the right to lock your account and admin will investigate again could be permanent if serious.



10-12s must have a adults permission and proof of this will be logged in there file. 



Any person suspected of providing false information about themselves are subject to a ban and will be challenged as this is a noted way that criminal activity starts


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